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Soggy Spotlights

Wow! The Soggy Po Boys won a 2015 Spotlight Award! Three, in fact! Can you believe it? We can’t either. We’ve been recognized with awards this year for Album of the Year (“Perhaps It’s Time to Go Home”), Best Miscellaneous Roots Group/Artist, and even a People’s Choice for Best Band! We are truly humbled by the overwhelming support with which the seacoast’s lovely inhabitants have surrounded us since our birth as a group. Although we can’t thank absolutely everyone out of fear of omission (the mouth does not count water!), we would especially like to thank Sonny’s Tavern for hosting our weekly Tuesday night residency, The Kittery Dance Hall, Bruce Pingree and The Press Room, Chris Hislop, and all of our unbelievable friends and family. Lastly but not least, you, the fan, deserve a real pat on the back for coming out, dancing, and partying alongside us! On that note, make sure to catch us this Saturday June 13 at the Harmonium Music Festival in Strafford, NH with a handful of other incredible New England acts including The Reconstructed (feat. Martin England of the Berwicks, ME), The Ghost of Paul Revere (Portland, ME), and the Ballroom Thieves (Boston, MA). Check the facebook event here for more details ( Also, if that’s to far up in the hinterlands for you and you’re some sort of city slicker, check us out on Sunday at Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge, MA at 4pm. For more info check out Belly’s facebook ( Again, so much thanks to all of you for your continued support! In the words of a sagacious seacoast soul, POSITIVE RESPONSE.

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