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A Major Announcement!

In the world of the Po boys, things rarely remain static, and so far this summer has been a very busy one for us. In the month of July alone, we played 22 shows! We went on a quick but exciting little tour of the eastern seaboard, and met some truly wonderful people along the way(video coming), but now, as always, we are looking ahead.

On September 18th, we will be releasing our brand new album ‘No Worse for Wear’ at Portsmouth Book and Bar. It is a collection of 10 new, original songs that range from poignant ballads to New Orleans funk, and we are very proud of it. It is a record that really rewards repeated listening.

Here is the fun part. If you buy advance tickets, you get a bunch of fun free stuff!

If you get advance tickets to the show, you will get:

1 Limited Edition Tour Poster

2 Soggy Po boys stickers

2 Soggy (Po)stcards

8 Soggy Po Hugs(Optional)

All for for the low price of 12$. You will also be able to buy the new album at the show as well as limited edition hot sauce and bbq sauce. WHAT A DEAL!?!

We hope to see you there!

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