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Soggy Playlist 3: Clarence Williams

Clarence Williams is one of the best kept secrets in American Songwriting. Much of the New Orleans cannon was written by him and later in his life he owned a music publishing company. Some of his songs like 'Cakewalkin' Babies' and 'My Buckets got a hole in it' are instantly recognizable and we have in fact played those songs with some frequency! Here we present to you a great cross section of the music of Williams. You have heard us play some of it, and you certainly will hear us play more of it in the future. Enjoy!

For those without Spotify, here is the list:

1. Cake Walking Babies(From Home)

2. Crazy Blues

3. Jerry the Junker

4. Baby wont you please Come Home

5. Everybody Loves my Baby

6. Sugar Blues

7. Cushion Foot Stomp

8. Royal Garden Blues

9. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness if i do

10. Sweet Emmalina

11. Scuffin' Blues

12. My Gal Sal

13. Shout Sister Shout

14. Thriller Blues

15. I've found a New Baby

16. Zonky

17. The Shim Sham Shimmy Dance

18. He's a Colonel From Kentucky

19. Spanish Shawl

20. Wild Cat Blues

21. Big Fat Mama

22. Theres gonna be the Devil to pay

23. Go Down Moses

24. Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho

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