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Soggy Playlist 5: Ode to Green

No matter what your stance, the effect of recreational drugs on early jazz and blues can not be denied. Here we present a short collection of tunes that were 'influenced' by marijuana: Enjoy!

For those without Spotify, here is the list:

1.Viper's Drag-Fats Waller

2. Viper Mad-Sidney Bechect with Noble Sissies

3.Light Up-Buster Bailey's Rhythm Busters

4.Here comes the Man with the Jive-Stuff Smith & his Onyx Club Band

5.Jack I'm Mellow-Trixie Smith

6.Knockin' Myself Out-Lil Green

7.Save the Roach for me-Buck Washington

8.Weed Smokers Dream-The Harlem Hamfats

9.If You's a Viper-Fats Waller

10.Reefer Man-Harlen Lattimore and his Connies Inn Orchestra

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