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Soggy Po Boys feat: Elissa Margolin

This month, we have been working with Elissa Margolin to prepare a set of her ORIGINAL music, along with a few favorite covers. We are very excited to be taking a step into uncharted territory (that's an exploration term) . Actually, its all charted (that's a music term)...but this is going to be an exciting maiden voyage (thats a nautical term).

As usual, this show will be at Sonnys in Dover on the last Tuesday of the month, September 29th at 9pm. (No cover)

Without further ado, here is an interview to help you get to know a little bit about Elissa before you see the show!

You play piano and guitar. Which came first?

Piano. Age 4. I was taught via the Suzuki method that favors creating a musical environment. That wasn't too tough since both my parents are musicians. Mom sang and played folk music. Dad played trumpet and guitar. There was always music blasting from my Dad's stereo on the weekends - Beatles, Harry Belafonte, Chicago, Chopin, Beethoven, Billy Joel, lots of Broadway..... We would play and sing and my sister would dance around and look cute (still does).

Was it always a goal to be writing your own songs? How early on in learning an instrument did you write your first song?

Not at all! I did not start writing until I started studying with Chris Weisman. He urged me to write a song at my very first lesson. I was initially offended. Ha! Who the hell is he to tell me to write a song! Then, once I started I couldn't stop.

Can you name a few musicians who have influenced your sound and writing style?

Recently, I would say Ani DiFranco and Gillian Welch. My first record had a Sarah McLachlan vibe. My second record had palpable Portishead and Radiohead influences.

How about when it comes to the poetry? Do you have a favorite poet?

I'm a Mary Oliver junkie. I had major Rumi stage too. I always think he's a modern poet and then I remember he lived in the 13th century! Whoa.

What's your current playlist look like?

I mostly listen to CDs. I am a little obsessed with Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle's Perils From the Sea right now. It's like nothing I have ever heard and I can't figure out why it works, but it does. I've been listening to the soundtrack, mostly classical piano, from the film Love is Strange. I find soothing, kind of clears my head. Oh and there's this new CD, No Worse for Wear, by this awesome band. You should check them out!

Aww, shucks... now we're blushing. Thanks for checking out our new record! We are very excited to perform your music!

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